Friday, March 28, 2014

March 2014 Shopping Budget

So I cut down on my shopping this month because I got a new camera, but I still got a few fun pieces!

March Purchases: (after 40% off of sale on J. Crew & a special sale at Bauble Bar)
  • J. Crew Merino Tippi Sweater in Ivory, $35.70
  • J. Crew Amour Tee, $14.99 (sold out)
  • Timing Fashion Blue Necklace Top, Obvi Boutique in Conshohocken, $26.50
  • Bauble Bar Love Inscription Bangle, $5 (a SWAT surprise)
  • Bauble Bar Yellow Bullseye Bangle, $10 (sold out)
  • Bauble Bar Blue Marquise Earrings, $10 (sold out)
  • Bauble Bar Chevron Studs, $5 (a SWAT surprise- sold out)
March Overall Total: $103.19

My shopping budget is generally $250 per month, so the extra $150 or so is going towards my camera and lens purchase.  I'll be trying to keep my April spending down too.  Although I would like to buy something memorable in London or Barcelona in a few weeks!

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  1. I love the jewelry you picked!

  2. Two thumbs up for the tippi. Those are my all time favorites and so perfect for all year. I will definitely be checking back to see great photos of London and Barcelona!

  3. I love a good white sweater, so I'm loving that! Great job saving that money for a camera, that might be a trick I have to steal.

    And you will LOVE London and Barcelona (in Barcelona, be sure to check out the street food market off of La Rambla - best fresh fruit juices EVER)! I'm like Meghan and will be back to see photos!

    Katie @ Style On Target

  4. Oooh I love those little arrow earrings - so cute! And good for you for cutting back on shopping since you got a new camera!

  5. that sweater is gorgeous, such a classic staple too.

  6. The blue earring are everything - love them!