Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 2014 Shopping Budget

February 2014 Budget

February Purchases & Cost (after discounts/coupons/giftcards):
  1. Catherine Malandrino Faux-Leather Moto Jacket, Kohl's, $11.20
  2. Sandalwood Silk Cami, J. Crew - $29.70
  3. Diamond Tile Silk Tee, J. Crew - $25
  4. Striped Cotton Layering Tee, Loft - $14.48
  5. Elle Striped Fit & Flare Ponte Dress, Kohl's - $29.75
  6. Shimmer Shower Midi Dress, French Connection (same) - $78.74
  7. Straight Leg Pants in Drapey Satin Crepe, Loft - $20.43
  8. Purple Midi Skirt, Choies - $20.49
  9. Deep Blue Midi Skirt, Choies - $13.22
  10. Lucky Bag, Choies - $8.91 (2+ mystery items valuing approx. $45 - can't wait to see what I get!)

Kohl's:  $40.95
J. Crew:  $54.70
French Connection:  $78.74
Loft:  $34.90
Choies:  $42.62 
February Overall Total:  $251.91

I'm really excited about my February purchases.  I got some good basics - the silk cami & tee and striped tee.  I also decided to try some new shapes - like the soft black pants and the midi skirts.  The French Connection dress was on major sale and I'm forward to wearing it for a wedding this summer.  I can definitely see myself wearing all of these pieces as we move into spring and summer!

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  2. That shimmer dress is GORGEOUS! Wow!

    1. Thanks Valerie! The dress is really so pretty and delicately detailed in person!

  3. I love what you got! That French Connection Dress is gorgeous.

    Style Diary

  4. I'm loving all the pattern and texture! All great additions to your wardrobe :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  5. That pink dress is amazing! It's going to be the perfect dress for a summer wedding!

  6. That moto jacket looks AMAZING! What a great find!

    dash dot dotty

  7. Um, that sparkly dress in AMAZING! Seriously, it's so pretty! I can see why you are so excited about it!

    How do the two midi skirts from choies seem? I am searching for the perfect midi!

    1. Hi Ashley! I haven't actually received my items from Choies yet. They ship them from China so it can take up to 20 days, but it looks like I should be receiving mine this week! I'll definitely post about them when I do!

    2. Have you received your skirts yet? I would love to order them too but i am unsure of the sizing! Thank you!

    3. My order from Choies came in! (Faster than I expected too.) Both of the skirts are very nice. The navy is a scuba type material which poufs a little from a few pleats at the waist. I'm 5'7.5'' and it hits me at the bottom of my knee. The purple midi is a shinier material which hits me an inch or two lower than the navy, at mid-calf. The purple poufs quite a bit more right under the waistband.

      I'm planning to keep the navy, but not the purple because I don't love the fit on me. It looks great on other bloggers like - Katie of Pearls & Twirls and Rachel Sayumi though! I am planning to sell it rather than deal with shipping it back to China. (Also Choies offered me a $10 credit to keep the skirt rather than return it.) If anyone has any other questions, let me know! Or if you are interested in purchasing the purple skirt, send me an email at I had a good experience purchasing from Choies and would recommend it!

  8. the striped dress, the sequin dress, and the purple skirt - OMG. seriously gorgeous and amazing!

  9. You found some great pieces! That white faux leather jacket is making me drool. So so pretty!
    Visiting from Franish's linkup :)
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  10. the navy skirt - swoon! thanks so much for your feedback on it as well, super helpful. going to order it now!

    1. I am so glad to hear my feedback was helpful! It is a pretty great skirt and I'm looking forward to styling it soon. Oh and one thing I forgot to say was be sure to check the measurements. It comes in Medium (25 inch waist) which is like a 0/2 or Large (26.5 inch waist) which is a 4/6. The L has an inch more in the length. I got the L and am happy with the fit. The length is nice and it's not too high-waisted. I definitely think it's a good value, esp since Choies has free shipping. Hope you enjoy it too! :-)

    2. lucky i checked back here before i ordered, i was umming and ahhing about the medium and ended up ordering the large. i'm normally a 4/6 so fingers crossed! i hope you post a picture or something soon lol :-)

  11. Oh, wow! That striped dress is very, very cute. It's my favorite shape of dress as well :) You got some great pieces this month! :) I'm stopping by from Fran's linkup!