Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Favorite J. Crew Sale Finds Under $50 (most under $30!)

I'm trying to refrain from shopping this month, which is hard when there are so many good sales going on right now.  So instead of actually purchasing stuff I thought I'd share some of my picks!  J. Crew is offering 40%-50% off select styles with coupon code SALEFUN.  I picked three of my favorites in each category - Tees, Tops, Shorts, Skirts, and Dresses - all under $50!


Striped Cotton Tee ($15)
Vintage Cotton V-Neck ($12)
Side-Slit Tunic ($18)
1.  Striped Cotton Tee ($15) - I've been needing a short-sleeved striped tee so I'd love to scoop this one up at such a great price!  2.  Vintage Cotton V-Neck ($12) - love the army green color, General Surplus.  3.  Side-Slit Tunic ($18) - I love the length on this tee and the side slits.  You can see them better in the other pictures on

I love all of these fun printed shorts!  I'd love to add all three to my closet and would definitely have a hard time choosing between one of the first two!

Lace Stripe Skirt ($17.50)
Fluted Skirt in Double Crepe ($20)
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Seashore ($48)
I saw another blogger (can't remember which one now, of course) in a bright yellow skirt and it looked so cute!  I love the lace detail on this one.  I've had my eye on this flippy crepe skirt for a while, so it's really tempting at $20! I've also been wanting to get another pencil skirt in a brighter color, like this pretty seashore blue.

Let me know in the comments what your picks at J. Crew would be!  Don't forget to use coupon code SALEFUN for 40% or 50% off!

Update:  The promo code changed from when I first posted this so I updated that. It looks like a lot of the prices have gone down a little more but things are going fast so not everything may be available anymore.  Happy shopping!  


  1. The lace stripe skirt gets my recommendation. I love it! This is a great way to lay out picks. It makes so much more sense than a collage. If you see me do my next picks post the same way just know I got the idea from you.

    1. Thanks Meghan - I'm glad you like this layout! It was actually quicker and easier for me than making a collage.