Friday, October 30, 2015

My Review of Maple Holistics Hair and Skincare & How You Can Score Free Products Too!

Since Ethan was born, I have gotten more interested in doing things naturally or eating or using organic when possible.  So it was perfect timing that Maple Holistics reached out about a product review!  I selected the Sage Shampoo, Argan Oil Conditioner, and Dead Sea Mud Mask.  I also received the Pomegrenate lip balm.

I’ll start with the hair products.  I love the smell of both the Sage Shampoo and Agran Oil Conditioner.  I picked them because they are two of Maple Holistic’s bestsellers.  I see on their website that the Sage Shampoo is good for treating dandruff.  This isn’t a concern for me, but that’s a plus if that is something you like in a shampoo.  I love that the products are all natural and they make my hair feel nice and soft.  I have been using the shampoo and conditioner a few times a week for about two months now and I have been really enjoying them.   I like switching up my shampoo and conditioner so I have been switching off between my regular L’Oreal products and the Maple Holistic shampoo and conditioner.  I would definitely recommend them!  My favorite part is definitely the smell – it’s smells great while you are washing your hair and leaves your hair smelling nice too!

Next up, the Dead Sea Mud Mask!  

One of my favorite ways to relax is soaking in a warm bath.  I felt like I was having the full spa experience when I lit some candles and put on this mask.  It left my skin feeling really soft and smooth.  My skin has been really sensitive lately so I have been wary of using it too often, but it has made my skin feel nice when I have used it.

Lastly, the beeswax lip balm was a nice surprise!  I keep it on my dresser and put it on in the morning before I run out the door or at night before going to bed.  It is a great moisturizing lip balm.  I love the pomegranate smell and flavor and am interested in trying the other ones!

And now how you can get free products too!  Maple Holistics is offering one free full-size product if you write a review on Amazon.  See their webpage for more information. So you would need to purchase a product first and then you could select another product for free!  The cheapest product they have on Amazon is a 4 pack of the lip balm for $7.15, so that would be the easiest way to get your free product!  The rest of their products are in the $10-$20 range.  I think I may try the Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak next!

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